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Wanma –TianFeng power motorcycle starting lithium battery suitable with Wangye motorcycle formally
Public time: 2013-02-01

       After several communications, deliver the samples, trial product, in January 2013, Hangzhou wanma high-energy battery co., LTD production of "TianFeng power" motorcycle starting lithium batteries and Zhejiang taizhou Wangye power co., LTD form a complete set finally.
      Zhejiang taizhou Wangye power co., LTD mainly products atv,karting, engines, universal gasoline engine research and development, production and sales in the integration of enterprises, which is the pedal motorcycle engine manufacturing enterprises in Zhejiang province and one of the country's largest pedal motorcycle production base. The official supporting successful lithium battery will be applied to motorcycle industry and motorcycle product performance more superior, to benefit the general motorcycle end user! As the first domestic production and first used motorcycle starting the two companies of lithium-ion batteries, has realized the value of complementary and win-win enterprise, also reflected the Wangye motorcycle industry transformation with wanma battery positive, towards the energy-saving, environmental protection, sustainable development of the road.