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The performance of Wanma starting battery reaches advanced international standard
Public time: 2013-03-04

   Recently, Hangzhou Wanma high energy battery Co, Ltd’s self-developed《Environment friendly starting lithium-polymer battery》passed the new product & technology examination and appraisal by professors from Zhejiang University, Zhejiang university of Technology, Zhejiang energy research institute, China Jiliang University and other institutions.

   Professors closely examined related technology documents, the technology summary report,analysis of Economic Benefit, national inquiry and the test result report that the technical department made. After discussion and evaluation, professors all agree that the submitted technology document is complete, accurate and unified. All performance indexes meet the requirement of relevant standard, mature processing, manufacturing, testing, complete quality assurance standards and warranty. The evaluated product’s main performance indexes reach advanced international standards.

   The fast development of WANMA in recent years has largely been closely tied to the development of new products, strengthening the new generation of the products and constant innovation of technology. WANMA also focuses on cultivating the talents engaging in scientific and technological innovations, the talents that composed the foundation of the sustainable development of the company. Wanma strives to innovate on this foundation, and achieve the development and strategic goals.