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Vice-chairman of Municipal Labor Union Weng Zhengying visited Wanma
Public time: 2013-05-23

      May 22 afternoon, vice-chairman of municipal labor union Weng Zhengying, minister of economy ministry Wang Gong and vice-minister Lv Yajin etc… accompanied with district labor union chairman Shen, had visited Wanma studying the grass-root situation.
     Chairman Weng entered the workshop at the beginning, gamely looked over the overall process of lithium battery production and had a brief understanding of battery manufacture and research together with President Chen Gang and vice president of tech. Jin Minggang. An informal discussion had been hold after the visit, after debriefing President Chen’s presentation, with deep feelings chairman Weng indicated that Wanma’s devoting to new energy innovative development corresponded with the “Beauty China” spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and in favor of ecological civilization construction which was a steady step of industrial structural transformation. Meanwhile, he also debriefed the labor unit work report and fully affirmed the contributions for labor legal rights safeguarding, labor relationship maintaining and working condition improving. At last, he hoped the enterprise would be able to pay attention to the employee culture life, staff training, labor quality continually improving and harmonizing the balance of worker life, family and career when had already made great efforts to production which would push the company forward permanently and sound.