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Hangzhou Skyrich Power Co., LTD. Official Supplier for KTM
Public time: 2014-08-28

        After successfully working with DUCATI, Skyrich Power got another great prosperity achievement working with Austrian well-known motorcycle manufacturer KTM. KTM and Zhejiang HaiJiu Holding Group reached cooperation agreement On September 2014, Skyrich Power represents “Made In China” incorporated in KTM supplier system

        As one of the world's most famous motorcycle manufacturer, after 80 years of development, KTM is the undisputed king of offroad motorcycle. In the most famous, highest risk Dakar rally, KTM bikes have won the championships of motorcycle group for 10 consecutive years. KTM is the ultimate choice for almost all offroad motorcycle enthusiasts.

        Freeride 250R MY15, as KTM’s latest style, will be equipped with Skyrich power lithium engine start battery. Freeride is a woodland offroad motorcycle, it use water cooled 2 stroke single cylinder, the rated power is 18.6kw, actually reaching 20Kw in real world test,The power, superior quality, best spare parts, these factors guarantee Freeride offroad motorcycle’s success.

        To keep high thrust-weight ratioand lighter weight KTM abandon unnecessary parts and chose lighter parts. Manufacturing the Freeride with only new weight of 92kg Ducati and KTM, The best motorcycle manufacturer for racing motorcycle and offroad motorcycle. Why both of them invariably chose Skyrich Power? Skyrich Power lithium engine start battery has the incomparable advantage compared with traditional lead acid battery, such as 1/3 of normal lead acid battery, quick recharge time, super cranking power, and longer shelf life. Special ultra light advantage seems obvious.

        “Everyone wants to own the best thing”. Hangzhou Skyrich Power Co., LTD, a subsidiary of Haijiu holding group, With 12 year of development, The technology and scale of lithium engine start battery is leading the word. That’s why Ducati and KTM final chose  Skyrich power after verifying and testing repeatedly. Skyrich Power represents “Made In China” to go abroad, and favored by top motorcycle manufacturer in the world. It also provides a lead example of motorcycle spare parts manufacturer in the China.