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SkyRich Power Won the Third Prize of Hangzhou Science and Technology Progress
Public time: 2014-10-24

        According to the relevant provisions of , our small-size high-performance lithium iron phosphate start battery won the third prize.

        This battery has characteristics of green and environmental, long cycle life (over1600), light in weight, small in size, high ratio (more than 40 C) and excellent safety. Its starting capability is four times that of lead-acid batteries with same capacity. Because start batteries only provide instantaneous large current for vehicles, lithium battery with one third capacity and same cost of lead-acid ones has better start performance than lead-acid ones. These products can replace the commonly used full range of lead-acid battery, and are of great significance in the environment protection and the export promotion.

        This award represents the recognition for Hangzhou SkyRich Power CO.,LTD and all R&D staff, and inspires them to go into R&D and innovation.