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SkyRich Power Won the Best New Product Award of AAP
Public time: 2014-10-24

        On October 16, 2014, AAP annual China supplier conference was held in Qingdao, and AAP suppliers from all over the country attended it. In the conference, AAP awards some good suppliers, and Hangzhou Skyrich Power CO., LTD. won the best new product award.

        APP, named "Advance Auto Parts", owns about 7000 stores and belongs to the top 500 enterprises. APP is the biggest chain store for automobile parts and known as the big three U.S. auto parts industry with AutoZone and O'Reilly Automotive. The first cooperation with AAP for HaiJiu Group can dated back to ten years ago in lead-acid battery business. AAP not only has strict requirements on product quality, but also emphasis on cooperation degree and innovation of the factory. In October 2013, SKYRICH power supplied the latest product "high-performance motorcycle lithium battery" to AAP, and it is recognized by the U.S. consumer due to its excellent start performance, pollution-free, super light in weight and beautiful cases.

        This award brought great confidence to Haijiu R&D members. In future, they would work harder on product development and innovation to enhance the international market competitiveness.